Anxiety Sensitivity Index (ASI)
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Child Anxiety Sensitivity Index (CASI) 
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Steven Reiss wrote the original Anxiety Sensitivity Index (ASI) in 1983 as a means of testing Reiss’s (1980) information processing model of Pavlovian conditioning and expectations in fear. 

In 1985 Steven Reiss and Richard J. McNally published the construct of anxiety sensitivity.  The first validating studies were reported by Steven Reiss, Rolf A. Peterson, Richard McNally, and Michael Telch.  Richard J. McNally authored a number of early influential articles.  Steven Taylor has constructed and studied extensively various modifications of the Anxiety Sensitivity Index and edited a book devoted to anxiety sensitivity.  Norman Schmidt published a number of well-controlled studies, including impressive longitudinal studies.  Wendy Silverman and her associates extended the construct of anxiety sensitivity to children.  Sherry Stewart explored the role of anxiety sensitivity in substance abuse.  In 1995 Steven Reiss expanded the construct of sensitivity to all human motivation, and in 2008 Reiss published a comprehensive personality theory based on the construct of sensitivities. 

Today, the ASI is a widely used measure that has been translated into many languages.  The copyright to the ASI is owned by IDS Publishing Corporation and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. 

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